San Diego - Imperial HIDTA


Mission Statement

Measurably reduce drug trafficking, thereby reducing the impact of illicit drugs in this region and other areas of the country.  To accomplish this mission, the SDI HIDTA will assist in the coordination of joint operational and supporting initiatives to deter, disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately destroy the most significant Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO's), their supporting transportation and money laundering organizations. The SDI HIDTA will also emphasize efforts against methamphetamine manufacturing, precursor supply, and abuse through innovative enforcement operations and demand reduction programs utilizing a multi-agency, joint concept of operations.

The emphasis is on seamless mutual support between intelligence, interdictors, investigators and prosecutors, with cross-attachment and collocation of enforcement groups with responsibility for differing operational methods, target regions and target levels of investigation.  The flow of information, both intelligence and investigative/operational, is critical to comprehensive success against the widely varying drug threats in the region.


The SD-LECC is an all crimes; all hazards homeland security Fusion Center and the San Diego/Imperial County HIDTA Investigative Support Center. The SD-LECC includes a staff of 83 personnel from state, local and federal agencies serving 17 HIDTA initiatives and over 100 federal, state, and local agencies.  The SD-LECC serves a region that includes nearly 4 million people, the nation’s 8th largest city, an international border that includes two of the world’s busiest international land border crossings, and an extensive international maritime border.  The SD-LECC promotes intensive cooperation, coordination and information sharing among its many partners while providing operational and case de-confliction, investigative rapid analysis, investigative analytical support, first responder training, one of a kind disaster prevention and planning tools, and superb strategic analysis about drug trends, the Southwest Border and Mexican Cartel activity and its impact to the region. The SD-LECC is an essential component in maintaining regional security, preparedness, and situational awareness and has developed several programs considered national models in information sharing, cyber security, and infrastructure protection. The SD-LECC is also a regional public safety training center that provides superior, year round training at minimal cost to first responders and private sector security personnel.  Topics covered include cartel/TCO tactics, crime analysis, counter surveillance, human trafficking, source development, internet crimes, social media monitoring and interviewing/elicitation skills.  The SD-LECC produces an annual HIDTA Threat Assessment that captures contraband smuggling, drug price, abuse and seizure data and identifies narcotic threat trends and DTO/TCO activities while providing predictive analysis for law enforcement to use in tactical and strategic decision making.  Several units within the SD-LECC provide analytical services to agencies across the country that enhance investigations, uncover important leads and enhance the accuracy and depth of investigators information.  The SD-LECC is fully committed to ensuring full compliance with all appropriate state and federal guidelines protecting Privacy, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Our Territory

Our area of responsibility includes both San Diego and Imperial Counties. This includes the entire shared international border between California and Mexico which is home to the busiest international land border crossing at San Ysidro. The region also stretches from the pacific coast, east to the Colorado River and California's border with Arizona. The region spans 8,700 square miles and includes a population in excess of 3.3 million citizens.


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